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Hunted Interior

Hunted Interior

Kristin Jackson

Hunted Interior was created to inspire readers to hunt for their own style & learn how to accomplish it on any budget. Having years of experience as an international hotel designer, Kristin knows the importance of creating a luxurious space and making every dollar count. Whether incorporating a high-end statement piece or the addition of a vintage find, she believes that it is not what you spend that gives your home style, it is how you layer your space together. Kristin is playing for Dwell with Dignity.



Week 1: Design Planning

Our bloggers reveal the room they are making over and show you their design inspiration.

Week of May 2nd

Kristin is redoing a guest bedroom by incorporating rich textures and bold pops of color.  Much like every other space in the home, Kristin was inspired by a piece of artwork. 

Week 2: Room Prep

Check out how the bloggers are preparing their space for their makeover.

Week of May 9th

With a couple of coats of paint, Kristin’s bedroom transformation is underway.  The Luscious Layers began to appear this week with a new canopy bed.

Week 3: Transformation

Sneak peek of the bloggers room transformation.

Week of May 16th

Kristin incorporated the Inter-Woven design trend by using rich saturated colors, layers of textures and bold patterns in the guest bedroom makeover.

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