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Chris & Julia

Chris Loves Julia

Chris & Julia

Husband-and-wife team, Chris and Julia, have been packing in the home projects in their fixer-upper. With three little girls and one big dog, this power duo loves raising the curtain on home renovations and design to show how it all relates to having a home that is “lived in” by a family.

     Assigned Trend: Simple to the Max

     Room: Nook in cottage

     Charity: Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption 

Week 1: Design Planning

Our bloggers reveal the room they are making over and show you their design inspiration.

Week 2: Room Prep

Check out how the bloggers are preparing their space for their makeover.

We had originally planned to go a little lighter with the nook, but after discovering the drop ceiling we decided to highlight the wood and have it be the lighter element. That meant darkening the walls and keeping the contrast with crisp paint lines.  We are also adding book shelves to this wall, and we love using FrogTape® for visualizing elements we plan to add to a space. When we were happy with the spacing, we took measurements and added supports along the back and side walls, nailing directly into the studs.  Follow our room makeover progress to see more details.

Week 3 : Transformation

Sneak peek of the bloggers room transformation.

Our cottage nook has all of the details of the Simple to the Max design trend included in the makeover.  See our full makeover here.

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