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All Things Thrifty


As a mom to four kids, Brooke is no stranger to chaos, and is passionate about empowering her readers to tackle their own projects with easy-to-understand tutorials that will make a positive impact. 

     Assigned Trend: Made with Love

     Room: Guest Bedroom 

     Charity: JDRF

Week 1: Design Planning

Our bloggers reveal the room they are making over and show you their design inspiration.

Week 2: Room Prep

Check out how the bloggers are preparing their space for their makeover.

We bought the faux brick panels at our local home improvement store, and installed them on one wall in the bedroom. Then we painted the entire room -including the faux brick accent wall. I wanted the brick to be the focal point of the room, and I wanted it to feel like the side of an old building, so I had and Ulrich Hotel logo designed for the occasion. Follow my progress to see more details.

Week 3 : Transformation

Sneak peek of the bloggers room transformation.

I incorporated the Made With Love design trend into my guest bedroom makeover.  See the full details of the makeover here.

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